Wednesday, August 23, 2006


12:23 a.m.

I can't sleep.

I can't write.

I have a deadline looming and am stuck, stuck, stuck.

Why is it that when my life was hard and I was alone it was easier for me to write? Or do I just need to let things settle down before I can focus again?

I'm very frustrated.

I guess the best thing to do is just (as a good friend of mine recently told me) WRITE. Although his suggestion was to drink a bottle of wine first...


Kafaleni said...

Write something diff'rent
A haiku, limerick or
maybe a couplet.

That was supposed to be a haiku, but it was pretty lame. Write anything.. shopping lists, write about why you can't think about what to write, write hate mail to your local political idiot.

You need something to get you started again, and when things start flowing, then you go from there and slip back to what you were trying to start in the first place

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Become celibate. Then you'll need another channel for your energy.

insomniac said...

Polly's writers block
she works like three normal folks
might be exhausted

Kelli Estes said...

He's right on the money when he says to just write. Give yourself permission to write crap and then write. You can always revise it later. Good luck!

jane said...

i haven't had to write anything for a deadline (other than work crap) since college... but i know that when it comes to my creative writing, it comes in fits and spurts. some days, i can sit down and literally type all day. other days i can't type anything of use. that's when i blog :-)

Anonymous said...

When you write you must find that place wchich drives you to write. Dont look for the right words to appear --go back and find that emotional or cerebral place you have that always led you to write in the past. You are not a mechanical writer, you write your thoughts, views and expressions, so reconnect to them. Writing is simply an act that follows when you get in touch with these emotions. Your life situation may have changed for the better but who you are didn't. Write from who you are.

cuz said...

Wow! What great advice "Anonymous"

riswpr - 'Whisper' as said by Scooby Doo.

Charlene Lyrics said...

I've never been to me. *sniff*

Eleanor said...

Yes, that's a great song, IMO.

I've been to Nicie and the isle of Greece

Hang in there Polly!