Wednesday, November 09, 2005


9:31 a.m. Oh, I'm feeling SOOOOOOOO much better since I layed an egg! (Okay, maybe it wasn't that big...) Just getting over the infection part now. Which is a gastro-intestinal delight considering I got the Agent Orange of antibiotics.

But enough about my bowels.

I'm so getting fired. Again. I'll update you on that later.

LHM and I are having fun. He's fixing and organizing everything around my apartment. What an exercise in futility...

I have an ME story for you but I have to get back to my "real job" for now.

More later...


Tamara said...

YAY, YAY, YAY!!!! I/We was/were SO WORRIED!!

Give LHM a noogie for us. :)


kibby F5 said...


Man, knew you'd never make it as a truck driver!

motw said...

So, how big was it? What'd you name it? No crap-cam pictures for us of the happy little bugger?

Eleanor said...

CONGRATS on your successful excretion!!

Slyeyes said...

YAY, Polly. Glad THAT's over for you.

Re: getting, last time you thought you were getting fired, you got promoted. What's next, VP with a corner office?

Kafaleni said...

She's getting Scooter Libby's job. Sex appeal in the White House for the first time in a long time.. perhaps ever?

Glad you're feeling so much better hon. Take advantage of the good drugs and the house help while you have em!

Olga said...

Hooray! I'm glad that you're doing better.

I was on the bus on my way home from work yesterday, and the people next to me were talking about kidney stones. I jumped in with, "My good friend has been working on passing her first kidney stone..." I was so happy to have a story to tell! Of course, maybe my eagerness had shown through a little too much. They looked at me like I had just passed a kidney stone through my eye, then turned back to their own conversation.

It's always a good idea for me to just shut up, read my book and ignore other people on the bus...

Brian B said...

I would like to second MOTW's request for details please. size (preferably in mm), pictures if at all possible.

We joke around with my uncle that he's passed so many he should start making jewelry.

I think he's passed like 300 of various sizes.

Tamara said...

300?!?! 'THA HECK?! What on earth does his diet consist of? I wanna know, so I can NOT be like him!

BulletBill said...


Good to hear you are better. One thing to remember about getting fired; You were looking for a job when you found that one.

If they lose you, then it's THIER fault, not yours.

Best Wishes,

Brian B said...


Those are just the one's he kept. Many more have have been sent to a watery grave.

We're really not sure what causes so many. One urologist told him that he flat out didn't believe him.

He's tried all sorts of different remedies from homeopathic to prescription, but still pees gravel.

The crowning achievement (and the one he's most proud of) was an 8 mm stone that he successfully passed without surgery. That one took him almost a month.

Tamara said...

That's insane.

You didn't say what type of stuff he eats, though. Does he drink a lot of soda? What about Pop Rocks? Maybe gravel from the fish tank?

Higgy said...

Polly - glad to hear that LHM is helping you out around the house. How is traffic, anyway?


I was going to text you with "Bugger Kidney Stones" - but I thought that wouldn't be helpful...

Leetie said... 8 mm stone that he successfully passed without surgery. That one took him almost a month.


Congrats on your bouncing baby pebble. Add me to the "want pix" pile.

Slyeyes said...

BrianB's grandpa's 8mm story made me pass out; I came to only to have Leetie repost.

Can someone toss me some smelling salts?


Anyone remember the Barney Miller episode when Fish had a kidney stone? He over heard someone talking about getting a rat out of the building, but thought it was his doctor talking about what to expect with his kidney stone passing. And then some hilarity ensued.

Susan said...

He still pees gravel???


Polly...soooo glad you are feeling better.

punky said...


So glad you are better, sweetie.

Hugs and tequila.


Mike Weasel said...

So.... was it a boy or girl? I'm guessing girl since you said "laying an egg," not "laying a sperm."

Glad you're feeling better and good luck with the promotion!

The word of the day is "lehrgz" which is probably the sound you made passing your stone.

Polly P.I. said...


You guys rock! Get it?!?

(Still on pain meds (stoned), so you can't blame me for the cheesy humor.)

bjiwhzi was my word verification.

Which, FYI, is what you can't do when your urethra is blocked by a kidney stone.

Either that or it's something inappropriate for this family-type blog.

Slyeyes said...

Mine is "plsqfjh", which is think is the sound of flushing a stone down the crapper.

Tamara said...

*hugs Polly*

MrFisher said...

Oooh oooooh

mine is lipicvw

That does sound very un family blog like.

Just like me.

(hugs Polly's urethra gently)

See, told ya I was.

(I too am in pain killer la la land)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. you wouldn't believe me if i told you that i forgot my username and PW. It was ATL something.

Where should I send the flowers?

Here's a tip: Ice cream makes the pain go away.

Tamara said...

Ice cream + LHM.

David W. said...

Cranberry juice. Cranberry juice, Cranberry juice. I hope i made my point. There is nothing better before during and after any type of infection in that area.

Brian B said...


Nothing out of the ordinary. He used to drink a lot of iced tea, but after the first stone (6 mm) he stopped and switched to water.

That was over a year ago, and he still passes stones weekly and sometimes daily. Obviously, not all of them are large, and most of the time it's like sand.

Strange though.

Oh and Sly,
It's my uncle, not my grandpa. Grandpa's healthy as a horse. Well, as healthy as a 72 year old horse that has had a triple bypass and a recently installed pacemaker.


If I forgot to mention earlier before taking over your comments with Uncle Gravel Pit stuff, glad you're feeling better.

motw said...

Do the kids love to visit Uncle Gravel Pit because he has such a large sandbox? Hope not.

Tamara said...


Tamara said...

*tap, tap, tap*

Is this thing on?

POLLY! I think your blog is BROKEN!

MOTW said...

11-17-2005 9:15AM
Polly's feeling s-o-o-o much better that she's gone off somewhere and forgotten us.


tvgirl13 said...

Where are you Miss Polly? I'm about to eat lunch and I need to be grossed out! I'm in Polly PI withdrawal!

Tamara said...

"I'm about to eat lunch and I need to be grossed out!"

Hee hee hee!!

BulletBill said...

Where's Polly? Hmmmm...

Don't forget that Light Haired Man was coming to visit (care for) poor sick Polly.

I'll bet that there is a whole lotta' carin' going here..... :-)

Makes me think of the movie Barefoot in the Park... :-)