Sunday, December 04, 2005

I'm bored. I know!!! Let's hang out at the morgue at night! Here's the scary, dark corridor that leads to the autopsy suite (metal door at the end) from the main offices at the medical examiner's office. I'm about halfway down at this point. The metal doors you see on the left look like refrigerators, don't they? I haven't been brave enough to go exploring over there yet. Maybe next time. Tonight I want to check out the boiler room.  Posted by Picasa


craig v. said...

i think you just posted these pics, maybe you are still around. i've been travelin around looking at blogs randomly and here i am. i have a feeling i'm going to be thinking about a morgue next time i see a fridge :) thanks :) -peace

Polly P.I. said...

I might need you to exorcise the medical examiner's office, Craig. ;-)

craig v. said...

ahah, i can do my best, but i'm not a priest yet :) - that is really funny that you said that. Are you on duty or just relaxin- or sorta neither or both - .... if you need me, i'll bring my holy water, we can take care of any unwanted guests

NONE said...

I used to work for a caterer who had this HUGE walk in fridge. SHe had a big kitchen set up and everything. One weekend she was on vacation and I was to cover a party she had. I read my directions carefully, and opened the big heavy fridge door. Next thing I know I scream and hit the floor. Aparently my boss forgot to mention that There was a skined GIGANTIC Pig hanging from its feet draining blood into a pan. See they grind their own meat and make homemade sasages, and sorts. Lets just say that i was careful opening that fridge again. Then a month later I started to go open it and my boss yelled at me to warn me that her husband went hunting the day before and this time there was a DEER hanging in there. I told her I was NEVER going in there again.

Dirty Blonde said...

You know, these passage ways are not quite as bad as Polly makes out; sure, sure, they might be a little dark and quiet and yes vandals and criminals have broken in several times and due to construction there are large holes in the wall and there is heavy machinery and deadly tools lying around... but if you just set all of that to the side for a moment all you really have is just a really old building full of dead people.

Sometimes I think Polly gets a little carried away. I mean come on, it is not like ALL of these people were killed in violent encounters or an innocent killed at the hands of an evil plot; or some kind of a soul seeking justice for a life cut short.

Save it for a place that is really scary... like that mansion at Disneyland, have you been there lately? Now there is something scary.

No really.

Tamara said...

but if you just set all of that to the side for a moment all you really have is just a really old building full of dead people.

That made me laugh out loud.

'Course, I am slightly inebriated--but you don't know that.

Tamara said...

Dirty Blonde, I hear you're really dirty.

Any video footage to prove it?

Polly P.I. said...

Dirty blond, huh?


As you know, I HAVE been to the haunted mansion at Disneyland lately! And I don't mind saying the whole Disney experience left me pale and trembling.

And not in a good way.

Tamara, careful or you'll spill wine on your new coffee table.

And he's only dirty when he hasn't showered for two days because he's been out all night waiting in front of Target for an X-box 360...

rtlzzb --- The sound you hear when you stick a fork in an outlet.

Tamara said...

Polly, our comments switched. That makes them not nearly as funny. ;)

DirtyWhiteBoy said...

Dirty Blonde - can you say "Texas Chain Saw Massacre"?

Somebody breaking in and stealing autopsy equipment gives my goose bumps goose bumps.

Polly - Come on down to Arlington and ride the 6 flags "rides from Hell".

kmloukf - sound of a deer slipping of the hook in the fridge when it hits the floor.