Friday, October 21, 2005


2:45 p.m.

I was on call last night and I finally got to sleep around 1am when my beeper went off. The message said, "Call Jamie frm..."

That was it.

So I sat there in a half-asleep daze for about 10 minutes wondering who the hell Jamie is and why they didn't give me a damn phone number to call. Finally, my brain kicked in and I called dispatch. They gave me the proper information and we all lived happily ever after.

Well, some of us.


I am working on the proposal. Six days and counting to deadline. Several chapters are completed in the book.

Stinky Jimmy got demoted to a regular investigator probably because of the nasty email he sent the corporate office (and forwarded to all of his supervisors) telling them what evil bastards (that was a quote, Mom) they are.

Which, I suppose, is why I got a regional position with my cover some of his territory.

Jimmy called me late on Wednesday night sounding susupiciously drunk while I was still in California visiting Light-Haired Man. He wished me luck and told me to watch my back. That's two of my former bosses that have been demoted. I think that perhaps I should ride this wave just a little bit further before bailing.

Damn. I'm going to miss Stinky Jimmy in Boston on Monday and Tuesday. Him breathing on me and making me pass out from the stench was the only thing that made those supervisor meetings tolerable.


Tamara said...



You GO, Polly P.I./M.E.!!

Higgy said...

Does that make her Polly PIME? Too many dots in there for me...

Way to go on the proposal! We were wondering where you'd gone to after Vegas...

I mean, besides jail, that is....

BulletBill said...

Jail? I was thinking of the #2 reason folks go the Vegas. Those cute little chapel places, doncha know.

I had thought that a quickie visit to the chapel and then do a 'disappear' for a week sounds reasonable. But I guess not.

Polly P.I. said...


Who did I marry? Light-Haired Man and I are not exclusive. We're just dating.

Kafaleni said...

Yay for Polly's proposal!! (Literary not matrimonial.. although if you got one of those.. Yay again!)

I see you running the company by mid-November, Polly

Mike Weasel said...

Being unconscious is probably the best way to attend any meeting. Good luck!

Oh yes, and I posted your butt shot on my blog. If you want, I'll take it down although by this time, everyone's probably already had a good look.

Faye said...

Not eclusive just dating..when i was your age we had a different name for doing that. But we did not have the consequences you young girls face today. Find a good man and settle down. Dont give all of yourself to every man who comes along.

Polly P.I. said...

I'm sorry "Faye"..but did I EVER say that I gave "all of myself" to Light-Haired Man (or anyone else for that matter)? You are making an assumption. And as we all know, assuming makes an ass out of you.