Thursday, October 06, 2005


Dearest Bloglit,

Well, it's time to get tough on my procrastinating self.

I've imposed a personal deadline of Oct 25 to finish my proposal. Until then I probably will only make an entry into the blog every other day since I am also working two jobs and have a lot of personal life stuff to deal with, too.

That is unless something irresistable happens, like my boss drops another body or Stinky Jimmy quits or I get called down to New Orleans...

And, of course, Vegas next weekend.



motw said...

{{ Polly !! }}
Thanks for (finally) posting, I was having withdrawal symptoms. I hope your personal life stuff is GOOD stuff and not bad stuff.

Mad Scientist said...

Polly see you in Vegas where we will consume enough tequila to work out all our personal liffe stuff

Tamara said...

GO, POLLY, GO! Good luck, babe!

Polly P.I. said...


Mama told me to never drink things that involve dead worms.

Kafaleni said...


did the getting tough involve any kitchen implements, whips or chains?
Please describe in detail.

Tamara said...

Polly, Mama also taught you not to be a potty mouth, put your hands in the toilet, or roll around in maggots.

Just sayin!

Brat said...

polly - worms in the bottle - that's mostly mescal (sp?) isn't it?

I've looked at the bottom of a lot of tequila bottles, and Jose never put one in the ones I saw, so never fear.

And please have one for me!

KIBBY F5 said...

going to miss vegas but will see tamara and ddi!


Higgy said...

Polly - I plan to have a drink in my hand from the time my plane lands to the time my plane takes off on Sunday!

Susan said...

I'm missing Vegas too...Polly, have a wonderful time!

OK, EVERYONE have a wonderful time!

JD Rhoades said...

Good luck, Polly...I've got a personal deadline my ownself, so I know the nail biting you're most likely going through.