Thursday, September 15, 2005


8:26 a.m. Chief Dickie is looking out the window. "That was a police copter. I've been listening to the radio for the past 20 minutes. Det. Blue called in a Code 15 and asked for backup. Then, about 10 minutes later, he called in a Code 5. He sounded about as rattled as I've ever heard him."

I suck in a breath. A Code 15 is shots fired by an officer. A Code 5 is reporting a death. Dickie continues, "He's out on the interstate about 20 miles north of here. Go tell Dr. Forrest that he'll need to come out on this one. We'd better get going."

It's rare for the actual ME to be called out to a death scene. But this is a case in which a cop killed a civilian and there will definitely be a thorough investigation requiring ME testimony. The more Dr. Forrest can gather regarding the scene and circumstances, the better.

As we pile into the Explorer, I note that the morning news is already ripe with speculation on what happened. "Well, that was fast," Dr. Forrest says. "They don't waste time, do they?" Law enforcement and emergency personnel aren't the only ones that listen in on the police bands and you better believe that reporters who hear a Code 15 and 5 in conjunction with one another will be following the scent like bloodhounds. This is going to be a mess.

More later....

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Eleanor said...

This isn't going to be good, I fear....

*waits patiently*