Friday, September 16, 2005


10:08 a.m. Today I am starting a surveillance at 6pm in a town just north of Chicago. I am supposed to follow a handsome, single, 25-year-old guy around and see what he's up to on a Friday night. His boss told me there are rumors he's frequenting strip clubs and that he's dancing. When I asked her if he was a DANCER in the strip club, she told me that was what I needed to find out because he's on partial disability for a severe leg injury.

That reminds me...I have to go get myself a roll of quarters so I have something to put in his g-string.

In other news, I just got off the phone with the ME's office. I passed the drug test (phew) and will start training on Monday. After I fill out the requisite paperwork and get my badge, I'll spend the rest of the day shadowing the chief investigator, Nancy. Hopefully we'll get called out to a case or two. After that, I'll pack up and leave for Minnesota to do a few surveillances up that way.

Oh, and I was going to keep this hush hush until I actually got a book deal, but...what the hell. I suck at keeping secrets. (Which isn't the greatest quality in a former federal agent.) I just signed a contract with an amazing literary agency in New York City called Trident Media Group! They approached me asking if I would consider them for representation on a book of non-fiction. Can you say, HELL, yes?!

Thank you so much, my friends, for all of your ideas and encouragement and patronage. This contract wouldn't have happened without you and I will never forget it.


Cap'n Bob Napier said...

That's wonderful, tremendous, excellent news, Polly. Let me be the first blogger to congratulate you here. I hope I can get a personal inscription from you when it comes out. Way to go!

Tamara said...




Tamara said...

OH PHUDGE! And I didn't even get your autograph!

*smacking forehead á la Chris Farley* Gawd, I'm so STOOPID!!

Eleanor said...

Great news Polly!

I see NY Times Best Seller list in your future!!!!

Slyeyes said...

That is absolutely gur-reat!!!

Mike Weasel said...

Congratumundo!!! Wow, I can now say I've played mini-golf with a world-famous author. Woohoo!

Mike Weasel said...

Oh, and enjoy that strip club!

JD Rhoades said...

QUARTERS? Girl you better be puttn' in some greesn, is al I'm sayin'.

And congrats on landing a great agent.

Polly P.I. said...

Hehe. Thanks, guys!!

When it comes down to it, Mom and dad are proud of me and that's the coolest thing about this. :-)

jane said...

congratulations - polly rocks and that is simply the most awesome news.

but quarters in a g-string? mmmm..... really, bills are better.

Tamara said...

No, no; she's not putting *individual* quarters in there! She's putting in the whole *roll*, so the poor guy will have something to show, so he'll get more tips, so he'll become fabulously wealthy, so he won't have to commit any more insurance fraud! Brilliant, Polly! Yay, my hero! ;)

BGerdin said...

Way to go Polly. You're already a great writer so this should just come naturally.

I hope you have a grand time in the state of MN.

*Roommate of P Dog and Austin*

Anonymous-2 said...

Excellent, primo-good PPI.

I can see you know at a book signing..... lines of men watiing to "meet" you.

Wear that little black thingy you wore in PR.

Vince said...

Congratulations, Polly! Here's hoping this is only the beginning.

Brian B said...

Sounds a bit redundant, but congratulations all the same! You write it, I'll buy it!

insomniac said...

how much seniority do you have to build up before you can 'tail' 25 year old guys on Friday night? legally?, and get paid for it?


Polly P.I. said...

A LOT of seniority, Insom. A lot.

Anonymous City Girl said...

Um... how do I get a job following hansome single 25 yr olds who strip?

Up until now the cops get all pissy and call it stalking.

Mad Scientist said...

told you you culdn't keep a secret!

Polly please please please please use the spy cam tonight and post pictures of the stripper.

Mike Weasel said...

Male stripper grasping his hose

thor said...

woo-hoo! when you do a signing in MN, can you wear your sparkly pants again?

*sparkly pants...sparkly pants....who's the girl with the sparkly pants?*

Austin said...

Congrats Polly! Way to go!

Say hi to MN for me!

Kafaleni said...

Mike.. you didn't disappoint me. Well, the stripper did, but you didn't.

I suck at keeping secrets. (Which isn't the greatest quality in a former federal agent.)

Polly.. could that be why you're a former federal agent? Just at a guess...

jane said...

there's nothing wrong with being a former federal agent. heh heh.

Larry said...

That rocks so much!!!!! You deserve it Polly. Great job!!

Susan said...

Polly, congratulations!

That is absolutely wonderful!

Bill said...

Great news. When you hit the Big Time, don't forget all the little people you stepped on when you were going to the top.

kibby F5 said...

*lines up to buy the First! 10 issues*

*wants only 1 of them signed*

Oh, suppose some of the First! prints go to you for family & friends. Ok, I'll go with 100-110!

Sarcasmo said...

So when do you get your contract to start writing for CSI?

Sarcasmo said...

Oh, and CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!

We're very proud of you too.

When you're rich and famous, are we allowed to say "we knew you when . . ."?

B-Dubbs said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Polly. I'm sure all us blogits will stand in line for a copy.

nope said...


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