Monday, September 19, 2005


11:04 a.m. Today is my first day of work at the MEO. Before I walked in the office this morning I felt butterflies in my stomach like it was my first day of school. But as soon as I walked in I heard the Chief ME cursing hitting something (computer?). I smiled. The office manager, who appears to go through life with a permanant smile pasted on her face, walked me back to the Chief's office and told her I was here for my first day. The Chief was fiddling with something under her desk and looked up briefly with a scowl on her face before poking her head back under the desk and letting loose with a string of profanity that would make a sailor blush. Okay then. The office manager indicated that the Chief was maybe a bit busy and we'd chat later. It was pretty funny.

Two things of note:

First, the ME drops the f-bomb a LOT. She said it exactly 12 times in the first 5 minutes I was in her presence. You almost have to TRY to say it that much.

Second, I got my ID picture taken a few minutes ago and it makes me look like an exotic dancer disguised to look respectable. When the tech at the personnel office showed me the picture before printing the card I complained that each of my breasts looked as big as my head and could I get a new picture? The tech said no and, anyway, "...what's wrong with that?"


More later...


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Eleanor said...

I just like you for who you are, Polly!

JW said...

Polly, can we see the ID. You know, to make our own determination one the size of your head.

motw said...

Maybe Polly Effie isn't such a stretch for a pseudonym ...?
Maybe that tight shirt you wore the other night caused inadvertent swelling?

Sarcasmo said...

MOTW, is that "emoticon" a picture of Polly's midsection? I see the belly button and the ramparts. are those her arms (hands on hips maybe)?

Kafaleni said...

It's too round for Polly's midsection.

I'd say best of luck, but you don't need it, so go get 'em, sweets!

Higgy said...

I vote for a shot of the photo! The line from that tech is excellent - let me guess, it was a guy?!?!

Also, depending on the technical nature of the Chief's situation - I could see dropping the f-bomb 15 times in 5 minutes.... I know I have in the past!

punky said...

Polly ... your girls are the size of your head, honey ... it's all good. We think you're HOT! Bring on the pic, woman!

Lorrie said...

Best of luck with the new job! I am sure you will do great!

jane said...

you mean you *aren't* an exotic dancer disguised to look respectable? all this time, i've been fooled! and your boobs are as big as your head.....

Brian B said...

I would like to agree with Higgy in respect to the swearing thing. I can effortless flow through 12 F-bombs in 5 minutes. Of course, it has been claimed that I leave a blue streak behind me.

Anonymous-2 said...

What punky said.