Saturday, September 17, 2005


Hey, bloglit! Any thoughts on a good pen name? Here are a few I've been kicking around....

Polly Debrill (found that one on a map of, I think, Nebraska)

Polly Squires (an ancestral name)

Polly Talbot (another ancestral name)

Polly Maddox (just sounded cool)

Polly Effie (might sound too much like "effing"...which might generate juvenile name-calling from the not-so-sophistocated among us)

Polly Purdue (university...chicken... no good)

Polly Gohn (hehe)

Polly Mehr (hehe, again)

Polly Anna (I kill me)

Polly Tweezerski (getting bored...looking around for ideas)

Polly Cellphonson (time to stop)


Austin said...

From those choices I vote Polly Squires

Trillian DBB said...

Polly Wannacracker?

BulletBill said...

How about Sherlock Polly or Polly Holmes? Or even Polly Holliday or Polly O'Hara?

BGerdin said...

I've got to go with either Polly Debrill or Polly Squires. They just have a certain ring to them.

SavvyChick said...

Who will you be next to on the bookshelf with those names? Also, you might want to pick a last name that is will place you close to a NY bestseller. Just a thought. Make it easy to spell and be sure you can get the url. Good luck. I vote for Polly Ester. hehe

Polly P.I. said...

Brilliant, Savvychick!

Polly Clancydon
Polly Rowlington
Polly Evonovichski

Kafaleni said...

Polly Unsaturated?

Polly Morphous?

Polly Gamous?

Polly Anthus?

I'm not sure who that would put you next to on the shelves, though..
Polly Deaverovich, however, would get you right up in your niche.

jane said...

Polly Zon. Kinda like your academy name :-) Or Polly GraftonZon.

May said...

Choosing a pen name that will stick you close to an author who writes the same books sounds like a good idea.

Julia Quinn--her pen name--did that to get her books next to Amanda Quick's. Both write historical romances.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

Let's not forget Polly Adler, although not many people would get the reference these days (she was a famous madam). From your list I like Squires. I used to watch the Hollywood Squires years ago. See what you've started?
Some people choose a pseudonym based on where that name will appear on a store's bookshelf. Often the letter M is at eye level for most people. X, Y, and Z are buried down below and A is often high up. You might consider an Irish name, a Mc- or Mac-. You can even cover all the bases as Polly McMack.
Sorry dear. It's early and I was drinking last night.

Eleanor said...

I like Polly Maddox. As as Cap'n said, your book(s) would be at eye level, but of course with the right cover, you could also be on that big table when you first walk into B&N!

Slyeyes said...

I say, go with your real name.

That way, when all of the old boyfriends walk into a book store, they'll see your book on the table and immediately start eating their hearts out.

insomniac said...

if it had a lot of math in it, go for Polly Nomial...

real books in my school's library

Engineering Mathematics by Homer Dull

Ruled Surfaces by (don't remember first name) Edge

Kafaleni said...

There's a book's worth of information on ruled surfaces? It's not just "pick up a ruler, make sure you have it straight, rule a line"?

That about covers it for me. Of course you need demonstrations, as well as pictures of some famous ruled surfaces, just as a selling point for the book. Celebrity Ruler Section, naturally..

I couldn't find the book in question by googling, but there are pictures of famous ruled surfaces, one of them reputedly owned by Marlon Brando! ;)

Jeff Meyerson said...

Amanda Quick is a penname of Jayne Ann Krentz, May.

A variation of Kaf's (courtesy Woody Allen):

Polly Morphously Perverse

Polly Roberts (next to Nora)

Polly MacDonald (John D. & Ross, though the latter is Macdonald)

Or if you want similar:

Polly Buchanon or Polly Buck (Edna Buchanan)

Just anything but Polly Cornwell

jane said...

Leaving all hopes at being placed next to someone already well-known, you could always select a last name that begins with the letter "I" and have your middle initial be "P". You know, so you'd continue to be Polly P.I.

Kafaleni said...

Just because I'm bored...

Polly Propylene
Polly Merase
Polly Syllabic
Polly Ticks (sounds like a parrot disease!)
Polly Ethel Terephthalate (okay, I'm getting bored and playing around with Google now.. be afraid... be very afraid.)
Polly Prism

*busts a brain cell trying to figure out a Polly P.I.*

kibby F5 said...

Polly, P.I. stands for:

Primrose I. Polly

Which in the card catalog would be listed as "Polly, Primrose I." or "Polly, P.I."

... her friends call her Polly though....

Anonymous said...

Cher, Sting, Bono, Madonna, simply use Polly. Be the first one word literary star. It will work.


Brat said...

Sly has a point. Plus, this is non-fiction, and there probably should be a "trail" of sorts back to your career(s). I doubt if any of your former employers would remember Polly (Anything).

Keep a good pen-name for when you go fiction and need to jaza it up.

Anonymous said...

Polly P. I.
an original screenplay concept
by Race
Action: An antisocial loner teams up with an alcoholic ex-CIA agent to solve the perfect crime. In the process they turn state's evidence on a nun. By the end of the movie they poison 567 oogly mothers-in-law and end up winning the admiration of their department, living happily ever after.
Think It's a Beautiful Life meets Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Slyeyes said...

*snorking at the concept of "anonymous" giving tips on a pen name*

motw said...

I like kibby's idea. Or Polly Peayi

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS on the contract!

Sarcasmo said...

Let me add my congrats, and one more idea for a Pen Name (prepare to groan):

Polly Wally Doodlealltheday

Kafaleni said...


punky said...

Polly Urethane (they make good condoms)

Polly Nesian (makes you appear exotic)

Polly Graph (apropos .. no?)

Polly Nate (men want to fertilize you)

Polly Sci (I have nothing)

Polly Gamy (thata girl)

I'll keep working here and get back to you.

Mike Weasel said...

Polly Hedron?

Polly Gone?

Polly Ester?

Kafaleni said...

Polly Wannacracker? (also this would put you right near Joseph Wambaugh's stuff...)

Polly Filla?

I'm reeaching now, but...

Polly Conomy? (Advantages.. doesn't sound totally made up, and puts you near the likes of John Connolly [Charlie Parker series] and Michael Connelly [Harry Bosch series], both of whose readers would appreciate your genius)

MrFisher said...

Well, I'm way LTTG but I peronally like

Polly Butternot (I mean unless you wanna)

Aslo, as a runner up, I like

Mono Polly

Mike Weasel said...

Yes, but then everyone will think she has mono...

Kafaleni said...

There's always Gallip Polly, but speaking phonetically, she may be put in the "horse racing novel" section accidentally

Nosey said...

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