Friday, January 06, 2006


2:24 p.m.


Everything I touch has turned to monkey poo today.

It started out last night when an investigator called me (at 9pm) to tell me his car wasn't out of the shop yet..."I was waiting and then they just closed so now I can't leave for my case I'm supposed to start that's 400 miles away in San Antonio at 6am tomorrow."

Then, I was reviewing a report from South Carolina. The investigator USED to be a supervisor for my company but was relieved of her duties. I think I know why, now. The report said that the cops came out and questioned her on her surviellance and then the cop went to the CLAIMANT'S house and talked to them. So..clearly she got picked up. But did she call her supervisor? No. Did she immediately break off? No. She stayed on him for two more hours AND EVEN ENGAGED IN A MOBILE SURVIELLANCE ON HIM. Bloody hell.

So, I went to bed.

I woke up this morning to find that a case that was started yesterday was supposed to have been scheduled from 3:30pm to 11:30pm. I reminded my supervisor 4 times before he found somebody to run the case to schedule it properly. My supervisor scheduled it for 6am-4pm. And I'M the jerk because I didn't catch it while reviewing his assignment. It's just that I review 10 to 20 assignment schedules a day and it slipped by. So now we have to rerun the first day.

Then, Fish was running a case and his video camera blew up. He had to leave and get a new camera.

After that, Joe...remember Joe? My absent-minded former boss? He screwed up the video on a couple of cases he ran last week and then messed up some dates and times in his report, so I had to spank him for that.

Not to mention yesterday. I was renegotiating my contract and my boss...being the wonderful man that he is...called me and said, "You either take what we're offering or you're fired. Tell me now." He knows I've got a few very good little reasons for remaining where I am for the time being otherwise I would have told him to shove his job up his ass. Which I will do as SOON as I find another one.

And now I'm late for the dentist. I'm kind of looking forward to the drill. At least I don't have to answer the phone for an hour or so.


Tamara said...

GEEZUS, Polly! *super duper squishy hugs!!*

Susan said...


Just one does one blow up a video camera?

Olga said...

When you end up looking forward to going to the dentist, you know you're having a really bad day.

Sorry Polly. Hope your time at the dentist was phone- and cavity-free!

ztkbdk - the sound of a dentist's drill breaking down while still in your tooth

carblemarble said...

That movie is funny!!!
My husband has family in the Fresno area.

BulletBill said...

Polly PI,

Hmmm bad boss huh? Revenge is a sweet that is best served cold my dear.

After all, being hard line like he was is a classic symptom of weak management. Your only response is to take the job, and then quit at a time of your choosing that beneficial to you and harmful to them.

A far better response would have been to offer more dough with more responsibility, but no, the ogre went for the power trip, saying in essence; I'm more powerful than you, don't challenge me.

But in the mean time, you just might need to do some surveillance OJT with a newbie that just happens to be of Mr. Ogre. You never know what you'll find out...

oxjuce - I don't wanna go there

Nancy said...

Poor Polly PI! Hope you got some Novacaine at least!

Kafaleni said...

*loves Polly some love*

cheer up sweetie.. we're not going anywhere!!

Mike Weasel said...

Everything you touch turns to monkey poo is only helpful if you're a farmer in need of fertilizer. Even then, it's hard to eat...