Thursday, January 19, 2006


10:01 a.m.


I have added a few more pills to my daily supplement regimen. (Not that 13 wasn't enough already)

In addition to the:
Alpha lipoic Acid
Fish Oil
Green tea extract
Grape seed extract
Ester C
And Calcium

I have now added:
Vitamin D
and Acetyl L-Carnitine

I need all of these supplements because I can no longer afford to buy food.


Loki said...

I need all of these supplements because I can no longer afford to buy food.

So, does that mean that you've found a supplement tree where you can pick this stuff for free.

MOTW said...

I think I see P-e-r-r-i-c-o-n-e, too.

I'm taking multi-vit, ALA, CLA, fish oil, 5-HTP (100mg 2x@day), calcium w/D, chromium, B-complex, and L-carnitine. Plus L-tyrosine, SAMe, and phosphatidyl serine complex (PS). I manage to swallow these with a half-n-half mix of aloe vera juice and orange juice. ADHD son has had success in adding SAMe and PS to his Concerta.

What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Polly P.I. said...

Loki, Loki, Loki...

I was saying I spend so much money on supplements that I can't afford food. It's a humorous juxtiposition...a vicious cycle...a... nevermind. :-)


It's so good to know I am not alone in my neurosis.

EQJUG: Equality in breasts
Horse boobs

Peri said...

The 'supplements instead of food' thing seems to be working for you. I'm copying your list and I'm going to give it a go. My daughter doesn't even like food anymore so she shouldn't mind.

*snork!* Horse boobs!!

Anonymous said...

Vitamins and supplements? My body goes into shock on the 1-2 days a year I eat vegetables. I cringe to think what a daily intake of vitamins and supplements would do.

qoeixn: the toxic substance added to most supplements

Kafaleni said...

Ugh.. I've tried taking supplements. I've found it's easier to eat food. Even vegetables. Really.

If you wanted to concentrate your cocktails, have you tried looking at some of the combination supplements (for instance some of the stuff here) - I've never heard a bad thing about this group. I've heard a LOT of positives about their health products though.

(PS - I'm not trying to spam.. just pointing this out because I have friends who deal in it and [as I said] no one I know has ever had a problem with it)

Higgy said...

Having seen Polly take her pills (in Vegas), let me assure you that this is indeed a REGIMEN. Note the all caps. This is not a typo. There was barely enough room on the coffee table for all her pills!

insomniac said...

Polly has been stranded here from the far distant future, where 'food' is a thing of the past.

This explains the ease with which she outwits our primitive 21st century schemes.

The good news is , where she's from, all the women are as good-looking.

Olga said...

She's actually 653 years old. The supplements are what keep her so good-looking.

Loki said...

humorous juxtiposition...a vicious cycle

Wow - good thng I aint an authr. Them thar big words confues the tar outta me.

Just poking fun at you albiet from an obtuse/wierd/twisted point of view.

pr├ęsentez une peu d'ironie?

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

The last time I checked, food was cheaper than vitamins.

Dirty Blonde said...

See the problem here is that Polly takes the vitamins, then after choking them all down with a nice healthy 12oz bottle of diet caffinated something or other she actually belives that she has "eaten"; further she convinces herself that she is "full" ("how could I eat anything else, I mean I just had a bottle of pop and two fists full of vitamins"?).

Then this intelligent creature wonders why her stomach acids (which are very healthy due to all of the great vitamins she takes) keep keep chewing through her stomach lining because nothing is ever in her stomach.

You all realize if I was a computer I would have to kill all of you in order to fulfill my original programming.

Polly P.I. said...

Hey there, Hal-2000. Am I causing you to short circuit, darlin'?

I resent you saying I drink a 12oz bottle of caffienated something or other every morning with my pills!

My bottles are usually 24oz. Or a liter if I'm really thirsty.

P.S. I was going to bring you a brick of 9-year-old cheddar when I come out to visit you next week but now I think I won't. You can just make due with that weirdo hippy California cheese.

P.S.S. I'm sticking my tongue out at you.

BulletBill said...


A lot can be said for a really nice steakhouse. And I don't mean Sizzler or other cheapie joints. Find a nice high-end one with starched white tablecoloths, that has terrific reviews and dry aged hormone-free beef.

Order a Porterhouse, don't worry about the size, this is where leftovers come from.

Order a baked potato with butter and maybe some asparagus with hollandaise.

For dessert, maybe a nice chocolate mousse.

Wash it all down with a nice New Zealand or Aussie Cabernet (Penfolds is very nice).

And if you're really a tough girl, have an expensive cigar afterward with the boys.

When you get home, put the leftovers in the fridge and take that daily ration of pills and throw them away.

You will have replaced the pills with something that cannot be bottled; satisfaction.

haruiviy - a Japanese dance

Tamara said...

Polly does like lobster bisque, though! And salad!

Although, the waiter did take her salad away before she was finished with it.

And she did try to make me eat her bisque.


Polly! Eat something!!

Polly P.I. said...

Mmmmm. Mouth watering. That DOES sound good, BulletBill.

Especially the asparagus.

But I can't throw the pills away. I am paranoid about cancer and all of these are amazing antioxidants.

You just wait all of you doubting Thomases! I'll live to be 110-years-old if I don't fall asleep at the wheel first or burn my house down because I didn't throw away my dead Christmas tree!

Tamara said...

Polly, you can't eat mouth-water. I mean, you can, but, it won't help with ulcers.

Polly P.I. said...


Tamara yelled at me for sticking my tongue out at LHM when he told me to eat.

Every morning when he was staying here he would make me a cup of tea (with just the right amount of sugar and milk), lay out my vitamins for me, and make me breakfast while I worked.

He just wants me to be healthy.

You can have your cheese back, LHM.

asrac- Would be a good name for a boy OR a girl

BulletBill said...


I too, love a really good Lobster Bisque. The absolute best I've ever had was at the Waterfront restaurant in Cincinnati. If you are ever near there, try it!

But wait! There IS an alternative!

If you have a Costco nearby, search around in their food section for Blounts Lobster Bisque. It is every bit as good as the Waterfronts. They make many different kinds of soups which they sell to restaurants but the Lobster Bisque is sold retail on their website!

hmmm what to have for lunch? Why some leftover Porterhouse, sliced up, laid on toast with mayo and a litle bit of horseradish with a slice of swiss cheese and a big glass of chocolate milk. uuummmm satisfying.

Higgy said...

Damnit, Bill - now I'M hungry....

vajeebom - Norwegian for "a ladies naughty bits"

BulletBill said...


Sooorrreeee.. not. Actually, I'm off to enjoy some nice Hooters Chicken Wings (mild of course) and a beer.

Wonderin' what Polly having?


Kafaleni said...

Totally off-topic..

Dirty Blonde.. Lisa Scottoline named her upcoming novel (due out March 16.. can you tell I'm a fan?) after you!

ktaue - the sound I'd make trying to choke down two fistfuls of vitamins every morning...

Nancy said...

You are going to be superbabe!

motw said...

BulletBill - thanks for the heads-up on Costco's lobster bisque. Wow, that's good!

It was so funny. Mr MOTW asked me why I'd bought the new item (apart from our standard Costco stuff) and I replied that someone on Polly's blog recommended it. I got a raised eyebrow for that comment.
20060124 09:43AM