Sunday, January 22, 2006


11:23 p.m.

Well, I'm packing again. I don't know why I bother UNpacking, really...I travel so much. I am heading out to California tomorrow on yet another visit to see LHM. I am especially looking forward to this visit because his parents will be there.

Apparently, LHM's mother has been reading my blog for some time now. And despite the frequent cussing, general irreverence, and the occasional photograph of myself dressed like a dominatrix or a high priced whore (Vegas), she still wants to meet me! How about that?!

I told my father and the first thing he said was, "Uh-oh. Well, maybe they'll like you anyway." Hehe. When I told my mother her immediate reaction was, "Oh, Polly. You've got to stop swearing so much on that blog! I thought you made a New Year's resolution?"

"Yeah, Mom," I answer. "I made a New Year's resolution that everytime I swore I would give a quarter to the Salvation be collected next Christmas."

"So... How are you doing?"

"Well," I say, "so far I owe them a full car payment and part of a month's worth of groceries. I feel good about it, though, Mom. This way I get to swear and some kid gets shoes and a warm meal. I mean, if I stop swearing now, it's like I'm taking the food right out of that kid's mouth! Really...what kind of cold-hearted jerk would I be? See! Right there! I could have called myself an 'ass' instead of a 'jerk' and that kid might be able to afford those braces he's always wanted. I feel so guilty..."


jane said...

if you get the chance, poke the shaggies for me.

Tamara said...


Higgy said...

If you get a chance, explain what "poke the shaggies" means....

Because if it's ANYTHING like I think it is.....

You may want to put another dollar in that donation fund....

Polly P.I. said...

Poke the shaggies.

Jane needs to shave her shaggies.


Seriously, though, I'll give the shaggies a jingle when I get in and see if I can rouse them into coming out to play.

motw said...

Meeting the fam' - awesome!
*waves Hi to LHM's mom and PPI's mom*

Glad to hear that Polly's Cussin' Fer Kids Account is healthy and growing. (makes me think of the movie What About Bob? w/ Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss)

Mad Scientist said...

Polly - When do I get to poke the shaggies with you and LHG? I want my Thai dinner!!! Call me woman and don't forget you gotta pay the man.

yihoqin - of course im hoqin I'm on Polly's blog

BulletBill said...

Poke the shaggies.

shave her shaggies.

give the shaggies a jingle.

rouse them into coming out to play.

It all lends itself to an image that is best left to National Geographic and if one had a dirty mind (which I don't) one could have a jolly good laugh with these posts.


jane said...

Shave my shaggies? Weren't you talking about this that first night at Champions?

Totally poke the Shaggies. You can try shaving 'em if you want, but Mrs. Shaggy might take exception.


Kafaleni said...

Have a great time, Polly!!

Don't take the green pills, though, they smell a little strange today.

Loki said...

Have a great trip Polly. (((hugs)))

Anonymous said...

Cousin Molly Sue Says: Now, mind your manners, flush the toilet, only use four squares at a time, make sure you SHOWER and use DEODERANT. Let's not make them think our family might have a slight oh, what shall we call it, natural smell. Oh yes, and be sure to remember your Cribbage board and your HorseShoes, timbabwe!!

Polly P.I. said...

Ah, yes, Molly Sue. As you well know, we are a sweaty, stinky people. It's a distinctive family musk. Oaky. With just a tang of BO.

Larry said...

Hey Polly! On a somewhat unrelated topic, I found an animal skull a while ago and just posted some pictures at my blog. Do you have any guesses what it might be?

Polly P.I. said...

Hey, Larry! It's been a while. How's it going?

Definitely looks like a canine of some sort to me. The teeth are undoubtedly carnivore and the shape of the skull is very doggish.

It looks like it was an adult, but I'd have to get a better look at the teeth to know for sure.

You said the skull is 5 inches long? Hmmm. That is small for an adult wolf or coyote. Could be a smaller breed domestic dog or a fox. I don't believe it's a fisher because the cranium isn't quite rounded enough.

Did you happen to find anymore bones? I could tell you a lot more with a femur or a pelvis. I also might be able to give you more if you can get a pic of the teeth (uppers and lowers) for me.

Anyway, thanks for the pop quiz! That was fun! I'll post this on your blog, as well.


Polly P.I. said...

Hey, Larry.

I was able to transfer these pix into a program where I could tone down the overexposure. Interesting. Do you remember what position it was in when you found it? The dark staining on the lefthand side makes me think that it was lying on its side in some rather loamy dirt. (On the surface, though.)

You're probably right about the scavenging. In fact, I'd be surprised if the skeleton WASN'T scattered by other forest creatures. Unfortunately, the picture of the full skull wasn't quite clear enough for me to see any bite marks that might be there. I did notice that the right orbit is cracked. Again, it's not clear enough for me to say whether the break happened around the time of death or whether it was postmortem.

It was an adult, but not too old. It still had all of its teeth before it died. The missing ones fell out postmortem.

The porousness in the bone is just part of the weathering process. You don't really need to do anything to preserve it other than keep it from being exposed to the elements. Sun, wind, rain, they all work to break down the collagen and mineral base in the bone.

You can tell this was a surface scene as the bone is bleached, not stained like it would be in soil. You said that the bones were decomposing. Does that mean that there was mummified flesh on them? Did you see hair or skin? If the animal died in the autumn of the prior year that would explain why it remained on the surface and why there was some mummification. If that was the case, I imagine it was about 6 months out there when you found it. Not much longer, though.

Let me know if you have anymore questions!

Tao said...

Well, Im from Argentina and I keep reading your blog, and I want to meet you too
I understand LH´s mather

MOTW said...

Feb. 1, 1:55PM
The shaggies have got Polly and are holding her hostage.
faundss - as in - I have a faundss for reading this blog.

Higgy said...

*sends up the Polly-Bat-Signal*

Where-o-where is our favorite P.I.?

BulletBill said...

Feb 2, 2006

Where is Polly? Well, let us try to "be like Polly" and examine the evidence.

1. Polly is sweet on LHM
2. Polly has been to Vegas with the guy.
3. Polly said that she is going to "visit" LHM's folks in Calif.

Now we apply our melons to the problem: Where is Polly? She goes to meet the parents of a known sweetie. Why would a guy bring a girl home to meet Mom and Dad? What do you expect to come next?

Thats right, I suspect that Mom and Dad LOVED her and he popped the question. Since it has been a while since she departed, she must have said something positive and is now sporting a chunk of fossilized glittering carbon.

Now if she is sporting the above chunk o'carbon, would you have time to blog? I thought not.

Disclaimer: I have absolutly no idea if I'm correct or wrongo big time. But if you examine the evidence.... meaning: Polly don't beat me up too bad if I'm wrong.


Polly P.I. said...


Sorry, Bill. LHM and I had fun in Cali and his parents were great, but there will be no fossilized carbon exchange in the near future.

(Note: Fossilized Carbon Exchange sounds like something I would need to take a shower after.)

Sorry for the long radio silence, bloglit. Been working on the book, but I'll post something very soon!

BulletBill said...


I KNEW that would get your attention. :-)