Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This one is from Ms. Muffett. She started as a supervisor when I did and met me at the training in Boston. Ms. Muffett was demoted back to a regular investigator a few months later. Recently, she ran a case for me (for one of my supervisors, JD) down in Florida. As you'll note in the following transcript from her report, she was picked up by the Subject and for some mysterious reason, continued on her surveillance. Again, stuff in brackets is what I'm thinking.



AT 1:00 p.m.; Investigator notes that Krenshaw County Police came out. Someone in the complex had called and reported a suspicious vehicle in the complex. The officer then went to Subject’s apartment and spoke with Subject. [YOU JUST GOT PICKED UP!!]

AT 1:40 p.m.; Investigator observed Subject getting into his vehicle and leaving the complex. Investigator initiated mobile surveillance. [WHAT THE HELL? DIDN'T YOU USED TO BE A SUPERVISOR? WHY ARE YOU STILL THERE?!]



It appears that Ms. Muffett was picked up by the Subject...that the Subject was the one that called the cops on her. If that is the case then she should have bagged out immediately and called the office. Please call me.


To make a long story short, I made Ms. Muffett close out the case effective immediately. She was not happy about this. JD was asked by Ms. Muffett to forward the below message to me. JD felt very uncomfortable because he thought it would hurt my feelings.

RE: 687654B, Concha, GG................I do not feel that I was picked up by the Subject on this case yesterday. I feel that your Regional Supervisor made an incorrect decision on this case by not having me go back today. I was a Supervisor for a long time, and have enough sense to make a decision as to whether my cover was blown or not. [THERE IS A REASON YOU WERE DEMOTED, HONEY.] In my opinion, your Regional Supervisor made a very bad decision. Had I thought otherwise, I would have called the office immediately!!!!! I resent your Regional Supervisor implying that I did not know how to make the correct decision. Please pass this along to her as "I WANT HER TO READ THIS". She became a Supervisor about the same time that I did, and I don't feel that she has anymore experience in this field than do I.


Hi, JD.

How does it feel to be the messenger boy? Could you please pass the below paragraph on to your investigator? And don't worry...it takes a lot more than that to ruffle my feathers. I understand that she's upset and I don't mind being the target. That's what I get paid the big bucks for. ;-)

In this line of work we are constantly making judgement calls. It's part of the job. But as an investigator, Ms. Muffett is not authorized to make the decision whether to stay on cases when there is even a small possibility of compromise. That burden goes to the Regional Supervisor and the Office Case Manager. In this case, a police officer approached her vehicle. He told her that somebody had called him about a stranger in the area. Then he immediately went to Subject's residence to speak with him. I don't think it's too far of a stretch to say that the Subject probably made the phone call and so was aware of the investigator's presence. At that point, Ms. Muffett should have departed the area and called the office, per company policy.


Nicely said!!!

Now go kick the garbage can....and have a good night....I'll talk to ya in the morning sometime....I promise not to call early unless the sky falls in......all's quiet here. I think everybody's gone to bed.



MOTW said...

Well done, Polly. Although, I hope your investigators do not read your blog.

Polly P.I. said...

Heavens, no! Not a soul that I work with is aware of this blog. And I take other precautions.

Anonymous-2 said...

Other precautions?

Got your old FED friends to sick on 'em.

You've got them so outclassed, they don't even realize it.

Kafaleni said...

Polly's got super-secret laser shields around her blog. It stops co-workers from seeing in.

BulletBill said...


What grade level did these folks miss?

Even an old IT guy like me knows enough to bug out when the cops show up.

Maybe they missed it during recess.

They were probably spotted when they continually stepped out of the car for a smoke and stood staring at the subjects house.

jane said...

heh heh, FED friends...

let's just say it's inner office politics like these loving emails that make me wanna be a professional hermit.

Polly P.I. said...

Ah, sweet Jane.

Jane is one of my former FED friends. She was the head of the class at the academy and could outsmart the devil and then taking him out before he has a chance to be disappointed.

How's it going, girl?

jane said...

-27F baby.

i'm missing Florida.

Polly P.I. said...


That's just stupid cold. How much longer are you in Russia?

Don't go outside, Jane! You don't have enough fat on you to withstand that kind of cold for very long!

Tamara said...

"Don't go outside, Jane! You don't have enough fat on you to withstand that kind of cold for very long!"

POT, Kettle. Kettle, Pot. Have you two met...Cauldron?

jane said...

i'd like to meet cauldron. mainly 'cause it sounds warm.

i'm here thru june. should start warming up in a couple of months...