Tuesday, May 24, 2005


8:27 a.m. Subject backs out of his driveway. He drives to the corner and takes a left. I follow. When I get to the corner, there are three cars that pass before can make the turn. By that time he is far ahead and I am afriad I'm going to lose him. I pick up speed and as soon as the road goes from one to two lanes I pull right, pass the minivan in front of me, and then pull back into the left lane. My Subject blows through the yellow light. Ugh! But I'm lucky. He pulls into the gas station across the street. Excellent.

I turn on my camera and prepare to take video of him getting gas. I glance over at the lady in the minivan. She is glaring at me and saying words that would make a sailor blush. I look back innocently. Me? Are you glaring at me? It appears I cut it a little close when I crossed in front of her earlier. Sorry, lady.

8:29 a.m. I am sitting in the parking lot at the gas station waiting for my Subject to finish. A cop car pulls up behind me. I pull forward. He puts on his cherries. Dang.

Cop gets out of his car and walks over to my window. "I got a call from a woman who said that you cut her off just now." That horrible minivan lady! She called the cops on me! Sigh. I grab my ID and hand it to him. I might as well kiss this pursuit goodbye. Luckily, I am behind the building and my Subject doesn't see what's going on.

9:35 a.m. Well, at least I didn't get a ticket. I call my boss and he laughs. Par for the course, he says. I ask him to call corporate and find out what kind of work this guy does so I can canvass the area for his vehicle. I know he's working and now I have to find out where.


Higgy said...

DOH! Did the cop really keep you for that long?

There goes my theory that women can just bat their lashes at a cop and get out of anything...

Wait a minute.....

Ronn said...

Love hearing about the investigations. You're doing what I always wanted to do. Keep up the great blogging.

Oh, btw, I'm tagging you for this crazy blog book interview.

-last book bought
-books on the to buy list
-last book read
-influential book
-tag some others

Polly P.I. said...

Thanks, Ron. Nice to flush a lurker. I will think on the book list and get back to you.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Rotten minivan b#tch! I can't believe she called the cops on you!

In New York if you called the cops and told them somebody just cut you off they'd laugh their heads off.