Wednesday, May 25, 2005


12:43 p.m. Hummer calls to let me know he's at his case for the day. I try joking around with him a bit before jumping down his throat. When I finally tell him he needs to call and run it by me when he breaks off early he says in a snotty and condescending tone, "Oh, well I guess it's back to being micro-managed." Deep cleansing breath...Deep cleansing breath... "That's right!" I say. "And you will remain micro-managed until I can trust you're not going to get picked up everytime you go out on a case." Curse words. All of them! "And another thing..." I go on to tell him all of the things he did wrong in his last report. And that it was late. And that I don't care if his last supervisor was a slacker (never mind that his last supervisor, Stinky Jimmy from one of my earlier posts, is now MY boss) because now he's MY investigator and if I don't like his work I'll stop assigning him cases.

I hang up. I can feel the muscles in my neck tense. I lean back against the tree I'm under and wonder to myself what Hummer looks like. I imagine a giant, hairy, whining baby wearing a diaper and shaking a rattle. I smile. No wonder he keeps getting picked up by Subjects...


Brat said...

**** Off Topic ****

Hey Polly! You gonna try out for the role vacated by Sasha Alexander on NCIS?

You could do it.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Whoa, Polly takes Hummer to the woodshed big time! And boy did that whiny baby deserve it.

Higgy said...

Way to kick some slacker Hummer butt, Polly!

Now if you can only give your boss a case of breath mints for Xmas, you'll be all set!