Thursday, May 26, 2005


9:38 a.m. Well, if you hadn't figured it out yet, things don't quite work out as tidily in real life as they do in the fictional world of books and movies. I waited at the intersection for a half hour and Subject never showed. So, I am back on the house, watching for any signs of activity.

10:02 a.m. Surprise, surprise. The cops pay me a visit. "Hello, officer." I say. He tells me that the lady a few houses down was getting paranoid because I'm sitting outside her house. I think of Minivan Lady. This town stinks. Officer Friendly takes me ID and comes back a minute later apologizing. "I'll leave so I don't draw too much attention to you. "Thanks," I say.

Then I have a thought. "Say," I call to him as he starts to walk away. "Would you or any of your cop buddies be interested in moonlighting for me? I'm looking for another P.I. in the Chicago area." He seems very interested and we exchange cards. Hmmm. I could assemble an army of private investigators and when my company is least expecting it I'll break off and form my own PI firm.

I am starving. I forgot to get provisions before I started my surveillance this morning. I dig around in the back and find a half eaten roast beef sandwich that I got from Arby's yesterday afternoon. I unwrap it and sniff. Still good. I think the salt preserves it. I take a bite.


Brat said...

Ahh.....that's our Polly!

No "has it been on the floor for more than 5 seconds" test for our intrepid PI.

No .... ewww, that was from yesterday....just the sniff test and chow down.


Higgy said...

Polly wears a Girl Scout uniform AND goes to Arby's??


Where've you been all my life? Next thing, she'll be swigging beer, farting AND cheering the Buffalo Bills!

Jeff Meyerson said...

I just hope the next episode isn't "Polly goes to the ER with food poisoning."

Rev said...

"I'll leave so I don't draw too much attention to you. "Thanks," I say.

Must be nice...Michigan cops...for the most part, not so understanding.