Friday, May 27, 2005


8:02 a.m. I am back at Cheating Lady's house. This is my last day on this case. She is very unpredictable. First day I was here she didn't go anywhere because it was her birthday and her lover was coming over for an elicit tryst. Second day she left at 7:45a.m. and was gone all day running errands. Today, it's past 8:00a.m and still nothing. No pattern. Doesn't look like she's working, anyway.

I am about to asphyxiate. I spilled a strawberry milkshake on the floor of my truck yesterday and so this morning I doused the stain with carpet cleaner before heading out on surveillance. I am pretty sure the fumes are not good for me and I begin to become concerned when I see what looks like a coyote slipping through the shadows of the woods. I roll down the windows to air out the truck because I suspect I will be in danger of going on an unplanned vision quest if I don't.

Yesterday my Subject (Really Big Guy), spent much of the afternoon in the yard. I don't suspect he'll be receiving disability much longer. He didn't seem to have the least bit of trouble bending and pushing yard equipment around. I got 40 minutes of video on him. I would still like to put the last nail in the coffin by confirming for certain that he's working and where. I guess the client will decide if I pursue this any further.

I am staying out of the bushes for now because I want to be ready if Cheating Lady becomes mobile. Unfortunately, that means that I have to set up surveillance in a very obvious location in order to get any decent video. I am risking it because I really need to get video on this one and if I start rolling surveillance I might miss her leaving or miss some outside activity.

I might get picked up today, folks.

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Brat said...

Hmmm....."I might get picked up today" Somehow I'm guessing that's NOT a good thing.

Have a browser window open and ready to post a "somebody bail me out" request and the MOATies will take up a collection!