Friday, May 27, 2005


9:37 p.m. Subject leaves this morning in knit shorts and a tank top. I begin mobile surveillance from my position just south of the residence. I am fairly certain she recognizes my vehicle from previous days and she is driving slowly, cautiously. I stay three cars behind and try to maintain the same pace she drives at. She takes a left hand turn at a stoplight and then slows to watch if I will go by or drive on. I drive on. At this point, she gives me the finger out the driver's side window. :-)

I smile. Good for you, honey. I'd be furious if I thought I was being surveilled. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to find you. I begin a parallel pursuit down a side street and try to pick her up on the other side. No luck. If I was a middle-aged woman wearing casual clothes at 9:30am where would I be going? On surveillance. Okay...if I was not ME. To the grocery store. I have two choices. I can go to the Jewel-Osco or the Pick-n-Save. Judging from the car she drives and her clothes, I decide on the Pick-n-Save.

I drive into the parking lot and within a minute I find her car. Yes! I figure she'll be looking for my vehicle when she gets out, so I need to find a good spot to set up. I decide to park on the far side of a Wendy's...just peak the back end of my truck out the side so I can get video. No sooner do I set up, then she's out, walking back to her vehicle. She's carrying one small grocery bag. I get video of her getting back into her car. Sure enough, she's scanning the parking lot for my truck.

Subject drives out of the lot and heads back home. I decide to take a short-cut in hopes that I'll get there before her and still have time to park a street down and cross over to the bushes with my camera. I park and cross between a couple of yards. I have to jump a 4 foot chain link fence. I am hoping that the resident's don't see me trespassing. Just as I jump into the bushes, she pulls up. Ha ha! I start filming. She's looking up and down the street.

1:20 p.m. I'm in the bushes still. Subject hasn't come back out yet. It's hot.

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Jeff Meyerson said...

Polly, you are good, too good for Ms. Insurance Cheat.

Teach her to give you the finger!