Thursday, July 14, 2005


Like a rhino on the savanna. And like those before me I will blame the guy with the gun,
  • JD Rhoades
  • , our resident lawyer/crime-fiction writer. It appears that I've been chosen to participate in the blogging version of a chain letter...something called an Internet meme. (Which, let's face it..sounds much nicer than blogger chain letter.) So here we go:

    1 - Imagine it’s 2015. You are visiting the library at a major research university. You go over to a computer terminal (or whatever it is they use in 2015) that gives you immediate access to any book or journal article on any topic you want. What do you look up? In other words, what do you hope somebody will have written in the meantime?

    I would look up the Journal of Forensic Science and see what new and interesting methods of forensic detection have come into practice in the past ten years. I would also look up the names of all my writer friends and see which of them made it big so I can go crash at their pad for a few weeks...months...

    2 - What is the strangest thing you’ve ever heard or seen at a conference? No names, please. Refer to “Professor X” or “Ms. Y” if you must. Double credit if you were directly affected. Triple if you then said or did something equally weird.

    Haha. I went to a forensic facial reconstruction conference so that I could learn to rebuild a face on a skull using clay. I guess something I heard that would sound weird taken out of context was, "You all had the same skull but when you put flesh on them your guys look like cousins." I DO remember asking the prof if I could have a REAL skull and not a dumb caste of a skull. I suppose that's equally weird.

    3 - Name a writer, scholar, or otherwise worthy person you admire so much that meeting him or her would probably reduce you to awestruck silence.

    Dave Barry. Who I met, but was reduced to awestruck stupidity, if not silence. I DID have the courage to ask him to sign my horse radio-ulnar bone, though...

    4 - What are two or three blogs or other Web sites you often read that don’t seem to be on many people’s radar?


  • This is hilarious. Rolph introduced me to Darth Vader's blog yesterday.

    Now, who to pass this on to....

    Nancy French from
  • Nancy's Niche

  • Joan Reeves from
  • Sling Words

  • and
    Slyeyes from
  • Slyeyes' Ramblings

  •'re up, ladies!


    JD Rhoades said...

    Thanks, sweetie.
    But please note the correct spelling of my name. :-)

    Polly P.I. said...

    Oh oops. Sorry, Dusty.

    Marvin | Paranoid Android said...

    hehe! Polly pulled a judi and got rid of her double post! Don't worry, Polly, mum's a word.

    kibby f5 said...

    *is now glad he doesn't have a blog*

    Slyeyes said...

    I've got to follow THAT!?!

    OK, I'll give it a shot later today.

    *now wishes she had a more exciting life*

    Sling Words said...

    I'm running late today, Polly, but just wanted to say: PAYBACK'S A BITCH. {insert evil laughter}. I b&w&m but I answered the questions--just posted it to Sling Words.