Monday, July 04, 2005

While I was taking a nap this perverted little kid buried me in the sand. Posted by Picasa


Nancy said...

Wow -- He's better than a plastic surgeon!

Kaf said...

It looks like there was significant groping in the creative process!!

I suppose it's a bit late to try and get a cast of the handprint for ID purposes. Or does that only work on CSI? Real life can be sooooo disappointing some days.

punky brewster said...

Would have been even better if he found two coconut shells to put over the boobies :)

Oh well ... next time.

But the way Polly ... you seem to be able to ferret out and drink up all the juicy fabulousness that is life in the most wonderful way ... I have a friend who is very much like you ... everything she does turns into an adventure. How wonderful! I admire that about you.

Love and hugs


Jeff Meyerson said...

Punky is right. You know how to live!