Tuesday, July 19, 2005


8:52 a.m. Hell can't get any hotter than this. My truck is like a greenhouse and even with the engine running, the AC can't keep up. I wish I'd worn shorts.

I am irritable and worried. My new investigator...the one that I thought was so great (we'll call him Bones because he reminds me of an osteology professor I used to have) was supposed to work two cases this weekend and I just discovered that he didn't. I should have been keeping better track of him, but he was so good and competent that I gave him too much autonomy too soon. Now I can't seem to raise him on the phone to find out what happened. He'd better be dead or near it, for his sake.

I have been scrambling all morning and think I got another investigator to take the cases Bones blew off. I'm still going to catch hell for it, though.

I am staring at traffic out the window and wishing for a slurpi (slurpy? slurp...whatever) from 7-Eleven when I witness a car accident not 10 feet from my truck. I jump as I hear a crash and similtaneously watch a pick-up truck smash into the back of a black sedan. The sedan tries to pull away and the entire rear bumper tears off. It looks like somebody out there is having a worse day than me.


MOTW said...

The best performance you can expect from an AC is 20 degree difference. So if it's 100* outside, you'll be 80* inside.

I drove for 2 years w/o AC in D/FW. Survived the afternoon commutes by filling up a large sports bottle with ice and topping that off with water. Sipped it to keep the inner core cool. It was tolerable.

mad Scientist said...

no A/C here and temps suppose to reach 107 inland today hopefully it will only be the lower 90s where I am.
I find dunking your lab coat in ice water before you put it on and then standing in the walk in fridge works well.

insomniac said...


*not an obscene post*

Eleanor said...

temps are same here, Mad! For those of us without a walk-in fridge, I recommend a small amount of cold water in bathtub, stand in it (barefoot, of course) and it cools the whole body :)

Susan said...

Running cold water over your wrists will cool you off a little bit as well.

Drinking ice water is good too.

(keeping it ice cold, that can be hard)

Jeff Meyerson said...

mad, that works best when you're not wearing anything under the lab coat, of course.

Of course, the old wives' tales say you should drink HOT tea to cool off, but what do they know?

Susan said...

Heff, you mean it doesn't work if you leave the lab coat on over a turtlneck sweater and heavy wool pants?

Huh. Maybe why it's so hot in here.