Wednesday, July 06, 2005


5:07 p.m.

Just popping up from a day of heavy catching up at work. Tomorrow I'm heading to Indiana for a two day case. Good thing I didn't bother unpacking yet.

A word about dysentery...
I didn't drink the water! I swear it! Okay, except for in that cave. But it was PURIFIED...the tour guide even said so!


Marie said...

Does this mean you have dysentery, Polly?

*loves Polly an aspirin, C-bol's Mr Winky picture, and a MOATarita*

Brat said...

Water ain't all that can give you a visit from a vengful Mr. Montezuma. Raw un-peeled veggies and fruit can do you in just as bad.

Here, cuddle with Fluffy.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Purified Dynsentery WBAGNFARB.

Maybe not.

Feel better, Polly.

MOTW said...

Did the same thing myself when with some cousins. Water was so wonderfully delicious, filter by rocks, etc., etc., but we were all bit by the same bug later.