Tuesday, July 05, 2005


11:22 a.m. I am in the airport. My flight leaves in an hour and I am sad. Puerto Rico is lovely and I enjoyed myself so much.

Last night I went to the fort at Old San Juan and sat out on a battlement on the wall. I'm sure during the day I would never have gotten away with sneaking in there, but here at night nobody was around to stop me. I could hear frogs, rustling sea grass, and the lapping of ocean waves all around me. From there I watched a spectacular fireworks display out over the bay. A melacholy mood overtook me. I was happy, but a little sad, too. As I sat there I couldn't help thinking about things I'd done, loved ones I'd been with on Fourths of July past. As the warm ocean breeze blew off the ocean I watched a bright blast of white light fill the sky and I wished I could bring this moment back with me. Back to Chicago. Back to my breakwall and my lighthouse on my beach. Back to real life.


Austin said...

Fireworks are always more fun when you have special people to share them with.

Welcome back to the real world!

Marie said...

(((HUG))) We're all here for you, Polly.

mad Scientist said...

Polly sounds like a great trip. I'm sure your boys are glad to have you home.

wysiwyg said...

You know what Polly? Like it or not, you will bring the moment back with you.

Trick is, what are you going to do with it once its home with you?

Mad's right. The most important bits of your life are at home waiting for you, not in PR.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Aloha, P.I. Polly! Oh wait, that's Hawaii, not Pwerrrrrrrrrrto Reeeeeeeeco.

Never mind.