Thursday, July 21, 2005

Okay. My day's not so boring anymore. A TREE just fell on this car! It missed my truck by about 10 ft!  Posted by Picasa


Slyeyes said...

If a tree falls during a stake-out...oh, never mind.

Punky Brewster said...

Hitchhiking in Heels, Chapter 2 ... on latest MOAT ... if anyone is interested.

Nancy said...

Were you IN your car when the tree fell?


Polly P.I. said...

Punky... sheep and gorgous twin men. When is the next chapter??

Yes! I was in the car. It was rather startling. (To say the least.) It was already leaning at a weird angle over the road and the roots were half exposed. I guess the storms last night must have weakened it.

The guy who owned the car came running out with the most hilarious look on his face! Then he called the cops, who walked around the car and pretty much said, "Yep. Tree fell on your car, alright!".

Then the city sent out a crew to cut down the rest of the tree and I had to move my truck.

Marie in Barcelona (who has forgotten her Blogger password, aaaaargh) said...

POLLY: If you want to get something you wrote published, you need this:

A friend of my aunt has a previous edition and it's great. Everything you could possibly need is in there.

Break a leg, Polly. :-)

Polly P.I. said...

Thanks, Marie!


Marie said...

And just so you know, I had to change my Blogger password to get in. *sigh* I keep forgetting all my passwords except my email one.

Well, my blog has been updated now, if anyone's interested.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Marie: a hint.


I have so many I keep a handy list or I'd forget which was which.

As long as I don't lose the list...

Slyeyes said...

OK, something we haven't addressed that we need to -- cops in shorts.

I mean, if I ever was confronted by a cop in shorts with his gun aimed at me and yelling menacingly, "Freeze, it's the police!" -- I'd just collapse in a fit of laughter.

I would think he should be saying "What can Brown do for you?