Wednesday, August 31, 2005


11:25 p.m. I am logging in some medications from one of last night's cases when Brunhilda walks into the back office with several faxes from the Sheriff's Office. "Well, according to Det. Blue's report, there was a "homocide" yesterday. Is that like an "insecticide" or "herbicide" only for gay people?" Gina, who is, ironically, a very butch lesbian, laughs riotously from the other side of the room. She laughs at anything Brunhilda says. Brunhilda could fart and she'd think it was just the sweetest thing.

I roll my eyes. I also lose count of the Valium I've been prepping for tox. I sigh and scoop them back onto the tray again. Five...ten...fifteen... I am tempted to take a couple myself as I contemplate spending the next seven hours with these two.

Chief Dickie, our boss, walks into the office and greets us, "Well, hello there, people. What's been going on this morning?" sixty...sixty-five...seventy... Without waiting for an answer, he turns to me and says, "Polly, I just got a call from the SO and it looks like there's a homicide in one of the crack houses downtown. It's a high profile gang killing and the DA's going to be there. How about you come on along as the lead on this one?" fifty-five...eighty... Shit! I give up on counting the pills and put down the spatula.

"Yeah. That sounds good, boss. Who's the lead?" I glance over at Brunhilda and Gina as he fills me in on the case details. They are scowling at me as one. I am Dickie's favorite and he has never bothered to conceal the fact. This has made office relations rather strained lately. To say the least.

I pack up my equipment and Dickie grabs the keys to the Explorer. As we walk down the hall leading outside I hear Gina gaffaw at some, no doubt, brilliantly funny and clever Brunhilda, for instance, "I have to go to the bathroom." or "This sweater is itchy."

"You know, I've been hoping somebody would die all morning so I could get out of there. Does that make me a bad person?" I ask. "Yes," Dickie says as he gets into the driver's seat. "Damn," I mutter to myself as I walk around to the passenger side and get in.

More later...


Higgy said...

It might make you a bad person, but we still love ya!

Why so many pills for tox?

kibby F5 said...

...twenty-six, thirty-five, ten...

CRAP! I'll never get through inventorying these pencils!