Sunday, August 07, 2005


I got the Anna Nalick CD before I left today. I should stop getting new CD's for my long road trips. I end up getting far too introspective. I stop at a McDonald's and sit in the parking lot listening to "In My Head" over and over again.

Under the weight of your wings
You are a god and whatever I want you to be
And I wonder if truly you are
Nearly as beautiful as I believe

In my head
Your voice
You've got all that I need
And this make-believe
Will get me through another lonely night

I don't want to be fool-hearted
Baby, I'm outnumbered in my head

Under the weight of your wings
I make believe you are all that I'll ever need
All that I need

I love this song. It gives me hope. Reminds me of what I'm waiting for...that person that won't disappoint me after the dust settles. I still believe in that, despite what I've been through. Heaven help the man that ends up with me, though. He'll have his hands full.

I sigh and shut off the stereo. I lock up the car and walk across the parking lot. It is hot and the sun is beating down on me. I'm looking forward to a strawberry milkshake. Yum. As I walk, my eyes almost immediately land on a giant statue of a chicken with a bib and a chef's hat sitting right in front of a Dairy Queen. Well, that's interesting. A hungry chicken. I smile because the Chicken Chef reminds me of a statue I saw yesterday in northern Minnesota. This one was a polar bear with its right front paw on the back of an arctic seal. It appeared to be preparing to dispatch the fuzzy little guy and eat him for lunch. Who thinks of these things? How would a parent explain that to a child? "See, Johnny? Isn't nature beautiful? See how the polar bear is getting ready to eat the cute little innocent seal?...Why are you crying, Johnny? It's the Circle of Life and all that...Remember the Lion King?....Oh, stop...You should have seen what it was like when I was a kid...MY parents made me watch baby seals being clubbed to death by Precilla Presley on Those Amazing Animals..."

I am in the McDonald's bathroom now. I prefer McDonald's bathrooms because the stalls in the ladies rooms go all the way down to the floor...nobody can reach under and swipe my purse...or worse, no curious little two-year-old will peak under the door and get an eyeful of something that will surely lead to years of psychotherapy later on.

I notice that the toilet has not been flushed. Gross. I make a face and push down the handle. Almost immediately I note that the water is rising like the Mississippi in springtime. Oh dear. I look around the side of the commode and attempt to turn the water supply off but the handle is too tight. Aack! Icky crap water begins to overflow and I scamper out of the stall in a panic. I burst out of the ladies room and make a run for it.

I am about 2 miles down the freeway before I stop to think what an idiot I am. What did I think they would do? Arrest me? Make me clean it up? And I still have to go to the bathroom...


Anonymous said...

Yes - his hands will be quite full

Polly P.I. said...

Sometimes the best things in life fill your hands, Anonymous.

Higgy said...

They'd just look at you funny and think that you clogged it yourself!

Nancy said...


This morning, our toilet clogged up and I had never ever unclogged one. Trying to be a good wife, I get the plunger and attempt to dislodge whatever horror was blocking it. Then I made a rookie mistake. I flushed. It began to overflow and I started to vomit. Suddenly, I realize that my bathroom was about to be filled with unimaginable body fluid if I didn't get it together.

Luckily, I did with only minor overflow.

And, I even made it to church on TIME. (For the first time in one year.)

I know this is more than you wanted to know!

Joshkr said...

Oddly, I only think of the poor woman that will end up with me when I hear the song Eat It by Weird Al.

Nancy...good job!

I just opened my fortune cookie from last night's take-out chinese: "A long time admirer thinks highly of you". I'm being stalked!!! I hope.

Joshkr said...

Since I've never heard Anna Nalick I just downloaded a could of her songs, In My Head and Just Breathe.

She's pretty good! Not quite a Sarah McLachlan, but good!

Joshkr said...

Hehheh just for giggles I'll post the download here, also. Sarah McLachlan's The Rainbow Connection

Polly P.I. said...


Josh has a long time admirer!!

Thanks for the link, Josh. BTW, I'll be sending those pix on Tuesday when I'm back on my home 'puter.

Joshkr said...

Yay!!!! Can't wait to see!

kibby F5 said...

Here I was thinking it took you 2 miles of highway to look in the rearview mirror to see if it was still flooding....

Silly me.

punky brewster said...

I heard 2 AM (Just Breath) one day on the radio and thought "what a great voice ... who is this?"

The DJ kindly tol dme it was Anna Nalick and I ran out and bought the CD. I like it very much. Though I like Holly Williams much better. Also a big fan of Mindy Smith. Her sond One More Moment was written for her mother who passed away when Mindy was younger. She also does a great version of Dolly's Jolene.

Happy Monday everyone.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Polly, three words:

Ice Cream Bucket

Polly P.I. said...


I know, I know. You'd think I'd learn.

mike weasel said...

Hmph, The Rainbow Connection should only be sung by Kermit T. Frog.

Olga said...

I am a HUGE Mindy Smith fan. I heard "Come to Jesus" on the radio and bought her CD.
"One Moment More" is my favorite song on the CD. I made Polly listen to it in the car when we went to IHOP back when she was here. Polly thought she was good, too.