Friday, August 05, 2005


6:52 a.m. It was 50 degrees when I woke up this morning. It's August. That ain't right. Luckily I have a sweatshirt in the back of my truck. I throw it on and drive away from the hotel/casino/waterpark that I am staying at. It's about 10 miles down the road from my Subject's house and as I drive, the sun peeks up over the horizon. I like it when I'm around for sunrise. It makes me feel like I didn't miss out on anything as the day goes on.

Subject's house is a modest chalet-style of those places with a roof so steep that you'd just LOVE to go sliding down it in winter. Or at least I would. There are two vehicles parked in the driveway, but the sedan is in front of the SUV so I can't run the plate.

My Subject is an OBGYN. She's claiming total disability, but the insurance company thinks that she's working at a local clinic. I've been here since 6am and still no movement. Of course, a lot of doctor's offices don't open until 9am or so. I'm wondering, if she leaves and drives to the clinic, how far I should take this thing to be sure Subject is really working. I told Peri that I might have to wire her and send her inside tomorrow for a PAP smear...

This is a pretty small town. There is a large Native American population as we are near the Red Lake Indian Reservation. The houses are older...built between 1900 and 1950. When I called the cops this morning to give them the heads up I'm here, it took 12 rings for somebody to answer. I told the officer who answered that I was a private investigator...blah, blah, blah. I don't think there's ever been a private investigator in Thief River Falls before. The officer just sat there. " Who are you investigating?" I told him I couldn't disclose that for privacy reasons. He said, "Oh...okay." Silence. I think I must have woken him up. Either that or he's not too quick on the uptake.

"Well," I say, "Do you want to know my name and my license plate number and what I drive?"

"I guess." He answers back. "Why do I need that?" Oh, for the love of Pete.

"In case a someone calls to report a strange vehicle in the neighborhood then you will know why and you won't drive out here and blow my cover."

"Okay. Yeah."

I tell him my information but I suspect he didn't bother writing anything down. I apologize for disturbing his nap and hang up.

About 20 minutes later a cop drives by. I figured that would happen. I imagine I'll have at least 3 more drive-bys before the day is out.

I am going to call around to local clinics this morning and inquire for Dr. Subject. See if maybe I get a hit.

More later...


Jeff Meyerson said...

Peri, are you sure you want to go undercover with PI Polly?

Slyeyes said...

*wonders where Polly is going to want to put the spy camera when Peri goes in for a Pap smear*

Peri, RUN!!!!!!!!!!

Leetie said...


Brat said...

3 more drive-buys? Not! Once they get a look at you, it will probably be like a parade. I can hear it now...

"Say Homer, you hear we got us one a those private eyes in town?"
"No Gomer, how'd you find out?"
"She called the station to let us know she was working around these parts"
"She??? What's she look like?"
"Drop dead gorgeous!"
"Hmmmm... I may need to take me a drive over there and see for my own self."
"You and the rest of tha-boys. There's a sign up sheet at the seargent's desk, wait your turn."
"Maybe we should just kind-of run her in. That way we could sit around for a while, drink coffee and get a real close up look"
"I don't know about that Homer, I mean she's working after all."

Higgy said...

Sly, you stole the thought right out of my dirty little mind...

You may want to wash your hands now...

punky brewster said...

Peri ... way to take one for the team.

I'm thinkin' that Polly is gonna owe you big time for this one.

I think she should pay you in margaritas. I mean ... fair is fair. And it will help you forget what just happened.

Deontologist said...

Punky, I suspect it WONT happen unless payment is generous . . . and in advance.