Friday, June 03, 2005


8:32 a.m. The baby is OKAY! They took the little boy, probably about 18 months old, out to a waiting ambulence for several minutes for observation. They did not transport him. He exited the ambulence in his mother's arms with teary eyes and an ice pack on his head. So, happy ending. It's nice to see one that ends well.

The emergency vehicles have left the area and a man pulls up in front of my Subject's building. He is walking around the side of the row house and scanning the ground as if looking for something. He takes a set of keys and enters residence through the front door. The man fits the basic age criteria to be Subject, but when I run the plates on his car the name and address don't match up. The car is registered to an address two doors down. I wonder if this is the slumlord?

There is a man in baggy black jeans, red shirt, and a black jacket smoking a cigarette in the vacant lot next to me. He is trying to see in my windows. Perhaps a little too interested in my truck. I think that it's time to start a rolling surveillance.

NOTE: Slumlord is driving a pink Cadillac. No kidding.


Higgy said...

Well, he's obviously a CLASSY slumlord. Crappy slumlords drive blue Cadillacs.

Sounds like that one dude is all in favor of a Polly sandwich. Time to hit the ignition and drive on!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Maybe he's a primo Mary Kay Cosmetics salesman when he's not doing the slumlord thing.