Tuesday, June 21, 2005


5:07 a.m. I climb out of bed and grab the first clothes I see. Pink workout pants and a pink tank. I look like a pastel nightmare. And I don't care. I throw a suit and some heels left over from my days as a federal agent into a bag and gather my equipment. Today I'm heading down to Chicago on another lawyer case. Sigh. What is it with me and lawyers? I'm like fly paper for them.

I look at my watch. No time for tea this morning. I'm late.

I grab my purse, briefcase, camera, cell phone, computer, digital camera, various plugs and wires, and shove a doughnut in my mouth before heading to the truck. It occurs to me that if I did squats with all of this equipment in my hands I would have buns of steal. Which would be nice because right now I've got buns of...I dunno...puddin'.

Then it's off to the Kwik Trip. I get gas and some caffiene and it's time to face Chicago traffic.

Along my route, I pass a sign for a business establishment called "Ash Wipe Chimney Sweeps." No kidding. I giggle. I can't pass that sign without cracking up. I've driven by three hundred times and I still can't help it. "...and another thing, Hummer, you need to write your expense sheet in 12 point font and...hee hee hee... What?... No, I wasn't laughing. That was the sound of me crying in frustration."

I resolve to get a picture of the sign on the way home today.

More later...


Anal-Clock-Watcher said...

Now about the clock on this blog..... It's off by at least 2 hours.

Snork.....clock earwig.

Anonymous said...

Funny how as you are talking about Ash-wipes, anal-clock-watcher comments. Coincidence?

Polly, some of us like your buns just the way they are. :)

Polly P.I. said...


Yeah. I keep meaning to fix that. I consider it a great accomplishment that I finally got links up...