Saturday, June 04, 2005


10:33 a.m. Well, I follow "Subject" to a local hair salon where it appears she has an appointment. I go inside and stand in line behind her while the receptionist checks the book. When "Subject" says her name I curse under my breath. "Curses!" I say. "Subject" looks at me. I don't care if I draw attention to myself because this is the wrong lady. I turn around and walk out. I just tailed the wrong lady for a half hour.

I get back in my truck and drive back to the residence as soon as possible. When I return I am flabbergasted. Yes! That's right! Flabbergasted! There is only ONE car still in the lot of the six that were there earlier in the morning. In less than an hour the place has emptied out. Fortunately, the one car left in the lot is the one that I am hoping belongs to Subject. She is an older lady living alone on disability. The old Ford station wagon with the wood grain siding looks just right.

I call Subject's home number. No answer. Ugh. Now what?

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