Tuesday, June 28, 2005


8:27 a.m. I just had the nice girl next to me take my picture as I blog-Right this very minute-LIVE!. Unfortunately, I can't upload it because my USB is in my body bag and the jerks made me check it at the gate. It was only maybe a little bit big. (Okay, it took up the whole bin.) But I fly with it all the time and I've never had to check it before.

If my camera is broken DELTA Airline heads will roll. I will kick some DELTA Airline butt. DELTA Airlines will be cryin' for it's mamma. (I'm testing to see if the CEO of Delta comes to my site like the CEO of Ferrero Rocher did when I was talking about Nutella the other day.)

Oh, good. We're boarding.

Hasta luego, mis amigos! I'll post the murder/suicide story this afternoon.


Eleanor said...

Buena suerte!!!

Higgy said...

*is jealous of Polly going to Puerto Rico*

Well - have a great flight and drink a few tropical cocktails while you're there!

mike weasel said...

That's Pwwwerrrto Rrreeeco to you, buster!