Sunday, June 12, 2005


6:56 a.m. There is a black Cadillac parked in Pastor Jackson's driveway this morning that wasn't there before. An outside light is on. It's raining like crazy. I stick around for an hour and a half with no action.

I decide to go to the Holiday Inn that another investigator said may be the temporary digs for the church. This investigator went inside and filmed a woman preaching. He didn't provide a name for the church or any details that might lead one to believe it was Pastor Jackson's sect. The thunder and lightening are terrible and I am drenched to the skin when I walk inside the hotel. My shoes make a smooshing sound evertime I take step. I look around. There are several people dressed in Sunday best. I look down at myself. Wet t-shirt and shorts. Sandals. Hair plastered to my head. I shrug and squish my way up to the front desk. I read the attenant's nametag and ask Abimi if Subject's sect worships there. He tells me that there are three churches meeting in their conference rooms today. I ask him for a list and he gives it freely. I examine the list. Nope. None of them even look close. Well, back to the drawing board.

I decide to drive by the "church". No cars in the lot. Doors are locked.

I drive back to Pastor Jackson's house and wait.

9:36 a.m. Pastor Jackson walks out in a sharp gray suit. A younger man, maybe his son?, gets in the driver's seat. I begin mobile pursuit and we end up at the church. Well, what do you know. There are only 4 cars in the parking lot. This is going to make it hard to get inside if there are only 20 parishoners. I park and put my cam in my spy purse. I don't even bother with Sunday clothes. That would only look suspicious. Better to pretend I'm lost.

11:22 a.m. I walk through the front door and hear loud preaching and a lot of "Praise the LORD!'s". The way to the sanctuary is a long hallway, so I can't just peak around the corner and sneak out. I take a deep breath and begin the long walk. Dead girl walkin'. At the end of the hall I turn on the cam and point the purse in the direction of the voice. I get some good film but only risk sticking around for 15 or 20 seconds. Believe me, that seems like ages when you're exposed and waiting for somebody to turn and notice you there.

I walk back out into the rain and get in my vehicle. Time to get back to the hotel and check out. My flight leaves in 2 hours.

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