Tuesday, June 14, 2005


6:34 a.m. Subject's vehicle hasn't moved at all since yesterday. There was a lot of activity outside of his home with wife going to work (her license plates expired last year, btw) and son coming home at 7am from who knows where... Unfortunately, none of that activity included my Subject. I really hope he at least shows his face. I hate leaving a case without even getting video.

I am set up in a great spot today. Subject just happens to have apartments across the street from his house with off-street parking. So it doesn't look suspicious at all to have me sitting here 50 feet from his front door.

His house is to my left. I put a black pillow case up across the right side window. Perfect. That and the dark tint makes it completely impossible to see inside. He could be two inches from my window and he'd never know I was taping him.

I settle down with my tea, put on some good music, and think about the day ahead. It's going to be crazy busy. I sigh. I will need to check-in online for my flight. And it is essential that I get home as soon as possible to pack, do a little laundry, shave... I make a mental list of everything I need. It makes me tired just to think about it.

If I'm lucky, I'll have time to sit on the rock breakwall across the street and take a minute to enjoy the water and the seagulls and my lighthouse.

I've lived in my home for over two years now and I can honestly say that I've never taken for granted how amazing it is to look out the window and watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan. Those few minutes to stop and reflect are truly a healing time for me.

((HACK!)) Sorry. I even made myself gag there. But once I start it's hard to stop, so..... Has anybody heard of Lithium Sunset by Sting? It's one of my very favorite songs.


Heal my soul,
Oh, lithium sunset.
Take this lonesome burden,
Of worry from my mind.

Take this heartache,
Of obsidian darkness.
And fold my darkness,
Inside your yellow light.

I've been scattered.
I've been shattered.
I've been knocked out of the race,
But I'll get better.
I see your light upon my face.

Oh, heal my soul,
Lithium sunset.
And I'll ride the turnin' world,
Into another night.

Any then of course, there is this classic verse that my father taught to me when I was a little girl.

If wishes were fishes
We'd all have a fry.
If horse turds were biscuits
We'd eat till we die.

Thanks for that one, Dad. Brings tears to your eyes, doesn't it? Anybody else have a favorite poem/song/saying they'd like to share?

I plan to write a forensics post this evening when I'm flying. It will be about an unidentified case I solved that was 22 years old. This case was featured on Forensics Files or New Detectives...one of those. (Do you remember, Bob?)

Anyway, one thing that I will readily admit about myself is that I seem to have been blessed with an abundance of dumb luck. This was a good example of the answer just falling into my lap through no apparent knowledge or skill of my own.


Eleanor said...

If wishes were horses, then beggers would ride

Maybe not as good as your Dad's, but it's always been a favorite of mine!

Eleanor said...

Sheesh! That would be beggars!

Brat said...

Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.

Jeff Meyerson said...

They laughed when he came out to play the pino in short pants, but when he sat down they split.

My father has what'd call a sense of humor that grows on you. Here's another:

It's silent, like the 'p' in swimming,


She sits behind the cabbages and peas.

I'll be here all week, folks.