Sunday, June 26, 2005


10:23 a.m. Anybody been to Puerto Rico? I've been reading THIS BLOG and so far I have obtained the following advice:

1) Don't speak Spanish to the natives or they will think you're a gringo.

2) Don't speak English to the natives or they will think you're a gringo.

3) Don't wear shorts around the natives or they will think you're a gringo.

4) Being a gringo is bad.

5) Don't drive or you will be hit by a car.

6) Don't walk or you will be hit by a car.

7) Watch out for hurricanes.


Eleanor said...

Here's all you need to know, Polly:
Donde esta el cuarto del bano? (funny thingy over n in bano)
(Where's the bathroom)

Marie said...

If you say "cuarto del baño", the Puerto Ricans will pee in their pants as soon as you leave. You're much better off saying "Donde está el baño?" That way, they'll only snicker.

Mmmmm... Nutella. Just for the record, I pronounce this delicious product "NooTEllah". The French, who are absolute Nutella freaks, pronounce it a bit like "NiutellAH". You can get "crêpes au Nutella" dirt cheap anywhere in France, or make them at home like I do.

*goes to see how much Nutella there's left in the kitchen*

Marie said...

Also, just for the record: you can find street vendors in San Juan selling fresh oysters (with lemon juice if you want some). Please do try some! They're wonderful.

Eleanor said...

Marie is right, Polly - duh! Leave out "el cuarto", and if you have to pee and they have to snicker, so what! :)

OldTimer said...

I find it interesting that every foreign language class and book teaches you how to ask "Where is the bathroom?", but they never teach you how to understand the answer that the native will give you.

Jas... said...

I didn't know any of this, but now that I do, I'll go to Cambodia instead!
You're blog is excellent!

mike weasel said...

Clearly you must speak French and ride a bicycle. But, still, watch out for hurricanes.