Monday, June 06, 2005


10:22 a.m. Well, what do you know. I am on surveillance with the same lady from Saturday. I just got film of a guy who pulled into the lot and got out with a video camera. He took footage of the front door and the call box. I believe that my client has hired another PI company to run this case. I narrow my eyes. He is a big, burly guy. Looks like a biker. Lots of blue jailhouse type tattoos and long black hair. He scans the area as he walks back to his minivan and gets in. I run his plate. Comes back to a Franko DeMario. Lives in Rockford. Huh. Well, Franko. May the best PI win. I already got her vital stats and some film of her on Saturday.

Franko pulls out of the spot he was in and backs into a space one over from me. Ha ha. He doesn't even know I'm here...spying on him as he spies on MY Subject. Oh, the irony.

10:35 a.m. Franko is gone. Guess he's running a "loose" surveillance. (i.e. He will be coming back every hour to get some footage before taking off again.) Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shoddy. I just did a search on him and got all sorts of juicy info. Do you think I should call him and tell him I've got a package to deliver to his home? Ha ha ha.


marvin | Paranoid Android said...

huh? Franko DeMario? Does that mean 'Franko, Son of Mario' in Italian or something?

Brat said...

Polly, Polly, Polly,

Sure you're bored, but tweaking the bear's nose can be chancey. Where's the percentage?

slyeyes said...

Does this remind anyone else of "Spy versus Spy?"

Jeff Meyerson said...

Polly, you play dirty.

I like that in a woman.

So what has bad boy Franko been up to? You can tell us. We'll be discreet.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Polly, you'll be happy to hear that I was able to link your sister's maze game to one of Judi's 'productivity enhancers' on the Main Blog, with happy results.

Hey, I warned them it was for the strong of heart only.

lecram sinun said... are a P.I. ... cool!

Higgy said...

Polly - Franko DeMario - good Irish name...

What's the chances of asking the client why he's here? Would he fess up to having hired another company?

Man, Franko didn't stay too long - 13 min!

slyeyes said...

Polly, is there the chance your Subject is involved in another matter requiring surveillance?

Any other lawsuits, any divorce action or anticipated divorce action?

kibby F5 said...

Ought to submit a report on him along with your Subject. That'll really get them ... and him.