Thursday, June 16, 2005


5:50 a.m. I am heading up to Hollywood today to run a surveillance. This Subject is a young woman who is living high but is supposed to be on a meager disability paycheck. The client wants to know where she's getting all her money. I think she might just have a sugar daddy.

This is one of those rare cases where the client gave me free reign as far as pretexts and ways to possibly gain information. I didn't bring much as far as costumes. I've got a suit. I've got my standard tank and workout pants. I've got a pink sundress with pink heels. That's it, folks. Still, I have a pretty good imagination.

This is going to be fun...

Mad Scientist will be joining me on surveillance this afternoon, by the way. We'll be blogging live from the field. I wonder if she's up for helping me out with a pretext? Maybe we can pretend we're Jahovah's Witnesses.

Nah. That's a bad idea. Then Subject for sure won't talk to us.

More later...


Marvin | Paranoid Android said...

*dreams of going on surveillance with Polly...changing clothes...together in the back with tinted windows...*


shott, sttupi keyboar!

Brian B said...

I would like to officially second Marvin's comment as well as request multiple photos and lots of different wardrobe changes. Wardrobe malfunctions too, if at all possible.

Thank you and that is all.

Tamara said...

Ooooh! Neato!!

Jeff Meyerson said...

Make sure mad keeps a straight face if she's being a Witness. Maybe she can say she's collecting to help pay off Michael's legal debts?

I keep picturing Polly on surveillance doing Christine McVie:

Well I need a sugar daddy,
He could be my friend,
And if I needed money,
He could lend me a hand

mike weasel said...

Since you were in Hollywood, you could have been Scientologists! I always think of these things too late.